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Dear All,
As you are aware, we are working very hard to reopen our Model Sanctuary in the near future, but we need your help! We have created some fun badges in the hope of spreading our campaign to continue the good work of the Model Sanctuary. Our #SOS stands for ‘Save Our Sanctuary‘. Please support us by re-tweeting and sharing your thoughts and ideas. All opinions welcome.

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Erin O’Connor


Dear all,

I’d like to send you my thanks for the time you have taken so far in working with us on the Model Sanctuary. Regretfully, I’m writing to let you know that for reasons beyond my control,  The Model Sanctuary will not be operating during the forthcoming London Fashion Week February 2012. This is due to a combination of last minute changes to contributions from sponsors and, despite an incredible response from a number of loyal and enthusiastic supporters, we have been unable to find an alternative venue after our home of the last few seasons; 8 Henrietta Street, became subject to a long-term lease. As these issues have come to light in the last few weeks I am left with no time to rectify the situation.

I founded The Model Sanctuary in 2008 with the emphasis of providing health guidance and educational support to the younger and most vulnerable members of our industry. As a non-for profit organisation, our aim was to honour the eleven recommendations of the Model Health Enquiry.

From small beginnings, The Model Sanctuary project has grown remarkably thanks to an expert team of nutritionists, physiotherapists, osteopaths, fitness instructors, psychologists and advisors who are wonderfully complemented by a truly inspirational group of volunteer art and fashion students together with a number of loyal sponsors and benefactors. For the past eight seasons this incredible and diverse group of people have come together to deliver an extraordinary project, empowering over 250 young people each day to tackle real health and well being issues. The impact thus far has been dramatic, inspirational and on occasions, life changing for participants and volunteers alike. The feedback we receive every season tells us that this project has become fundamentally important and even crucial to the community we seek to serve. From these experiences, it is clear to me the Model Health Enquiry’s recommendations are still valid today.

As I look forward, I have come to the conclusion that for The Model Sanctuary to continue successfully, the project requires and in fact deserves, the certainty of established premises for the period of each London Fashion Week. To maintain our momentum whilst running The Model Sanctuary from temporary or pop-up venues has become unsustainable and ultimately places the initiative under threat.I urge the fashion industry, it’s partners and key stakeholders to help us secure a permanent home during London Fashion Week so we can continue our valuable work. It is absolutely vital that we prioritise the welfare of young people within our industry and without this assistance I will be forced to close The Model Sanctuary permanently. I hope to hear from you all and I welcome your thoughts and suggestions on how we may re-open our doors in September.

Yours sincerely,
Erin O’Connor

WE WANT YOU! To Help Us Find A New Home For The Model Sanctuary!

Happy New Year All!!!

I am writing to seek your help and assistance to safeguard the future of The Model Sanctuary at London Fashion Week.

As you’ll no doubt know, The Model Sanctuary was founded in 2008 with the aim of providing discrete health guidance and educational support to young models in their most vulnerable early years. To achieve this aim we have assembled a growing team of highly regarded nutritionists, physiotherapists, osteopaths, fitness instructors, psychologists and advisors who are brilliantly supported by an army of London’s art and fashion college students. Each London Fashion Week season this group of extraordinary people combine tirelessly to provide an inspiring project to over 200 young people daily, empowering each to make informed choices on health and well-being. The vast amount of feedback we receive each season highlights the importance that has come to be placed on The Model Sanctuary and it’s growing significance to the fabric of London Fashion Week. We are very proud of progress made thus far but fully appreciate the project has huge scope for further growth and development.

As with all non-for profit initiatives, The Model Sanctuary relies on the loyal support of sponsors, benefactors and volunteers. We greatly appreciate the assistance of the British Fashion Council and Covent Garden Estates who in recent seasons have provided the premises of 8 Henrietta Street for the duration of London Fashion Week. Unfortunately, it was confirmed to me yesterday that this venue is now subject to a long term lease. With no other suitable alternatives available we are faced with the unenviable reality of needing to secure a new venue to allow The Model Sanctuary project to continue.

I realise we are working towards significant time constrains but I would like to ask for your assistance to help find alternative premises to allow The Model Sanctuary to operate for this coming London Fashion Week in February. I appreciate a request of this type is unusual, but I hope amongst us all we will be able to find a way to allow this exceptional and crucial project to continue.

In short, if we don’t secure a venue, the model sanctuary will not happen.


Erin & The Team! X